Fund Investment Objective

This fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by pursuing positive absolute returns across market cycles with low sensitivity to traditional equity and fixed income markets.

Strategic Approach

This fund has both fundamental and technical strategies are employed across all asset classes to pinpoint capitalization opportunities in market dislocations.

Key Fund Characteristics

Actively Managed

Access to investment managers we consider to be top-tier, including Angel Oak Capital Advisors, RiverNorth Capital Partners and Vivaldi Asset Management.


Diversified portfolio of complementary alternative strategies, including: Long/Short Equity; Closed-End Fund Arbitrage; Merger Arbitrage; and Structured Credit.


Opportunistic use of leverage to potentially capitalize on market dislocations.


Active management of strategy allocations by Vivaldi Asset Management, a firm with a long history of constructing and managing multi-asset portfolios.

World Class Investment Management Experience

Vivaldi Asset Management, LLC is an SEC-registered investment adviser which, together with its affiliates, has approximately $2.7 billion of assets under management as of May 31, 2019.